Friday, December 4, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 4

Bryggeriet Sct. Clemens

Sct. Clemens Brewery. This is named after the patron saint of Aarhus. 

Sct. Clemens brewery is actually a brew restaurant: Not many people come in there to just drink beer. When I visitid, I was told I could go sit my drink my beers in the cellar. I was the only one there. This was a thursday early evening. Ant decent brewery taproom would be swarmed with people. Maybe it's because this is a restaurant, maybe it's because the beers here are not very exciting. This place has been around since 2000 or before, and it's like they haven't found out that the beer scene in Denmark has moved. A lot. 

Pretty place

Alone in the cellar

I had a small serving of each of their 3 beers on offer. It was 10-12 years since I were here last time, and the beers tasted exactly the same. 

The food looked good, I have to say

The staff was nice, but this place has waiters, not bartenders

Sct. Clemens website is here

The 24 Bars in Aarhus map is here

Would I recommend this please: No, not really. Average beer, and no atmossphere. If you wan't to eat, maybe.

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