Wednesday, December 2, 2015

24 Bars in Aarhus - part 2

Cafe Le Coq

Cafe le Coq is another cafe in Aarhus' latin quarter. To me this is more a french bar than a cafe. It's an official Chartreuse bar, and there is a big selection of various Chartreuse's available. Cafe le Coq is really two places, Of which none is like a cafe. It's the bar I am visiting today, but it is also a restaurant. The restaurant is in an adjacent room

Cafe le Coq on a rainy day

Whisky: Not much here. Jack D and Tullamore for the drinks. Glenlivet 12 and Laphroaig 10 for the sippers. I think I remember one o tow more fancy bottles in the restaurant: This is a Chartreuse place, so try one of the many chartreuses if you come by, some of the Chartreuse bottlings are vintage 

Beer: 4 taps. One Mikkeller, I have seen Mikkeller Berger and Peter, Pale and Mary on tap, which are both delicious american pale ale/IPA style beers. Troubadour Blonde, a belgian blonde is the other special beer on tap. The last two taps are standard danish pilsner and classic style beers, which won't excite any beer entusaiasts. There is also a bit of bottles beer available and the selection is very nice

The day I visited there was 3 different from Beerbliotek, Blanche Namur, a couple of Chimay, Lindemans kriek, Hancock, Erdinger, Dupont avec les Bons Voeux and one from Mikkeller

All these are also available in the restaurant next door, and Le Coq is one of the only, if not the only restaurants in Aarhus that serves world class microbrews and beers to go along with the food

Music: Nice relaxing background music which I liked

Food: There is a good restaurant next door

Staff: Friendly knowledgeable staff 

What I drank: I had a couple of bottled beers from Beerbliotek, a swedish gypsy brewery

Hip Hops IPA

and the very excellent Imperial Mocha Latte Stout.

Le Coq's website is here

The 24 Bars in Aarhus map is here 

Would I recommend this please: Yes

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